TPE All Weather Waterproof Car Trunk Mat For Tesla Model 3

Interior Protection Matrial : TPE Model:TESLA MODEL 3 Brand:3W

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FIT FOR ORIGINAL CAR MODEL Made according to 2021 Tesla Model 3 interior contours,Perfect fit, Great Looks, ALL WEATHER PROTECTION - The TPE Floor Liners are designed to provide complete automotive interior protection for your Tesla Model Y from dirt, mud, salt, rain, snow and keep your 2021 Tesla Model 3 floor clean and pristine in all seasons. THE PERFECT FIT - Using high-precision 3D laser scanning technology, each floor mat is custom-made for your Tesla Model 3 with maximum accuracy and coverage compared to OEM and universal car mats. The raised side walls provide seamless edge-to-edge protection and prevent dirt from getting on your Tesla Model 3 carpet. EASY TO CLEAN - Thanks to the weatherproof and stain-resistant surface, it has never been easier to clean your floor mats. Simply remove them from your Tesla Model Y, wipe with wet towel or hose off and make your floor mats new again. GOOD FOLDING Low density material that provides more elasticity and durability. Floor Mats set may be bent from being folded over for shipping. You can use a heat gun to help it back the shape. 100% BUY BACK GUARANTEE: You are going to be impressed. If you don’t think these mats fit absolutely perfectly, protect fiercely and look stunning in every single corner, edge and surface, then we will buy them back from you, no questions asked. BEST MATS, BETTER PRICE: Yup, we did it! We made the best fitting, performing and looking Tesla 3 mats available. We spent 9 months perfecting our 3D floor liners. 3W beat all competitors in side-by-side comparisons of fit, finish and durability, every single time. Not all mats are equal, everyone says their mats fit great, ours actually do! If gaps, wrinkles and shifting are ok with you then theirs will work, if you want perfection, 3W mats are your choice. THEY DON’T SMELL: They don’t have ugly logos on them, either. Right out of the box, and into your vehicle, our mats are odorless. No need to drive with the windows down. Tested safe for even the most sensitive noses. FUNCTIONAL & ECO-FRIENDLY: 3W floor mats are made with a unique process that bonds a highly durable Thermoplastic Elastomer surface with a cross-linked polyethylene center to provide a soft comfortable feel and durable attractive finish.Our unique construction makes for an even quieter ride as the mats absorb road noise while providing comfort and grip under foot. Product-Description Product-Description2 Product-Description3

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