New Design TPE Car Trunk Mat For Porsche New Cayenne

Interior Protection Matrial : TPE 100% RECYCLEABLE The trunk mat of Non-slip texture One-piece waterproof trunk mat, giving the car an extra layer of protection TPE MATERIAL The material is healthy, safe, environmentally friendly, and does not release odors under high temperature conditions SGS Test for Sensorial examination Odour test , SGS Test for Hi -low temperature Test, SGS Test for Abrasion Resistance Test Model:Porsche New Cayenne Brand:3W

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Special car customization, health misunderstood, a new choice of life, only for the honorable you. The trunk mat is used daily, and it is difficult to avoid all kinds of scratches and abrasion. It is made of TPE material, which is waterproof and protects the car. The trunk is like a household utility room for car users. Almost all large items and emergency vehicles will be placed in it. If you don’t usually organize the storage, opening the trunk will be a mess. Not only does it look unsightly, but it can be very laborious to find something. And have you ever thought that if the trunk is organized, it can hold more items, and it will be much easier for you to find something. Perfect fit for Porsche New Cayenne interior contours,We all use laser measurement to lock the error within 0.5 mm, which can truly match the original car and lead in the industry. Made of the latest TPE materials, environmental protection, 100% no odor, no formaldehyde, highly wear resistance, no deformation at high temperature of 100 degrees, no crack at low temperature of minus 40 degrees, with superior antioxidant capacity,TPE synthetic materials are widely used in aerospace, high-speed rail, wear-resistant sealing of sports equipment, etc. It is easy to clean,completely waterproof,anti-scratch,and chemical resistant,can be wiped with a rag,or rinsed with water.The high part around it can effectively prevent spills. Wear-resistant anti-slip, unique design of fine lines and vertical and horizontal rough lines, can effectively prevent the sliding of goods. After being taken out for a period of time, it will be flattened. The powerful materials can even accompany your car for a lifetime. We use the highest-end technical materials to ensure the highest quality products. In the same type, we believe that it is difficult to find such high standards. For your convenience and safety, put an end to inferior materials. Product-Description Product-Description2 Product-Description3 Product-Description4

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